Why you choose Ira Lip Balm?
Our lip balm is made of natural ingredients which gives you the best texture.
We also have many benefits that you have never seen in others.
It will relieve dry and chapped lips.
Our special formula lip balm will moisturize your lips up to 6 hours.
It provides long-lasting protection.
It helps lighten your dark lips naturally.



Product Update


สีใหม่ LIMITED EDITION ทาได้ทั้งปากและแก้ม สูตรใหม่สีชัด ติดทนขึ้นกว่าเดิม และกันแดดได้ด้วย SPF10

THB 315 ฿ 315

Don't miss your vegan pink tone!

THB 290 ฿ 290
Out of stock

Honor you vegan experience with Thai Tea Tinted Lip Balm!

THB 290 ฿ 290
Out of stock

Your vegan experience is here with Velvet Chocolate Tinted Balm.

THB 290 ฿ 290
Out of stock
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